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Who is DCU's Leadership?

Learn About the Senior Management Team of DCU


As a credit union that is owned and led by all of you - our members - DCU is focused on providing the best member experience aligned with our core principles:

  • People Come First
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Make a Difference

DCU is governed by a Board of Directors that is dedicated to ensuring the credit union is operated in the best interests of DCU’s entire membership and in accordance with universal core credit union principles.

Board changes in 2023:The banking industry is continually evolving, and so are the needs of our members. In 2023, we elevated our focus on governance practices that ensure a well-run, safe, sound, and mission-driven financial institution committed to our membership. A few of these enhancements included:

  • Increase in Board seats from seven to nine: This allows a broader array of members to participate and to share innovative ideas. Expanding our board also accommodates the increase in committee and other volunteer duties as our credit union grows.
  • Welcoming three new Board members: Board expansion and a planned transition resulted in one-third of our Board members onboarding as newcomers in 2023. These new directors rose to the top of the nominating process based on their credentials and participation in multiple rounds of interviews. They provide fresh perspective and invaluable expertise in the areas of financial services, strategic planning, and digital transformation, bolstering our current members’ deep bench of multi-disciplinary talents, knowledge, and experience.
  • Establishment of a 12-year term limit for all volunteer Board and Supervisory Committee members: We will ensure we are continuously refreshing our Board’s perspectives as technology and the financial services industry accelerate evolution. This practice puts us in the innovative minority of 18% of credit unions who have enacted term limits, according to “The State of Credit Union Governance 2023” report from Quantum Governance, L3; the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Credit Union Executives Society (CUES).

This year’s Board nomination process: The Board nomination process is a critical part of our governance. We are focused on finding exceptionally talented candidates to serve on our volunteer-led board from our current member base. Our robust, transparent process began with a “call for candidates” in June 2023.

Highlights of the process:

  • We undertook a comprehensive communications campaign through email, inbox messages, social media channels and corporate website, inviting our full membership base to apply.
  • We were thrilled by our members’ interest and the response we received in 2023. 199 members completed applications to serve our membership on the DCU Board of Directors.
  • Working with an independent recruitment firm, we reviewed all applications for potential board members who would contribute a skill set and expertise that is in keeping with our member needs.
  • After conducting interviews with candidates and evaluating them comprehensively, we determined a slate of nominees.
  • While the slate includes incumbents, three of the five were appointed in 2023 and have served less than one year. Our guidelines require that they follow the formal nomination process to continue service.

Another important facet of DCU’s governance model is a Board-appointed volunteer Supervisory Committee.

  • The five-member Committee's role is to ensure that DCU member assets are adequately safeguarded through assessment of internal controls as well as audit and review of financial statements on an annual basis.
  • National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) guidelines mandate that Supervisory Committees can range from 3-5 members. DCU’s Board chose 5 to ensure the most representation and expertise.
  • With the newly established volunteer term limits, the Nominating Committee – in accordance with the NCUA’s requirements - also recruited and identified two highly qualified candidates for this Committee who will be appointed in April 2024.

Thank you to all of our members who participated in the 2023 call for candidates, and we hope you will continue to engage with us.

Our credit union of one million plus members is stronger because of the input and support of our entire membership. We thank you for the continued trust and loyalty you place in DCU.

Executive Leadership

Shruti MiyashiroPresident/CEO

Theran ColwellChief Strategy Officer

David DeWittChief Risk Officer

Laurie LaChapelleChief Financial Officer

John MasonChief Technology Officer

Minna PomeroyChief People Officer

Sue Burton, Senior Vice President Digital and Marketing

Matt Goldsmith, Senior Vice President Member Services

Paul CareyVice President of Commercial Lending

Caleb CookVice President of Consumer Lending

Sarah HuntVice President and General Counsel

Michelle KileVice President of Branch Services

Sandesh ParulekarVice President of Engineering

Jason Sorochinsky, Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Nicole WilliamsVice President of Member Experience and Marketing

Marianne ZawackiVice President of Financial Services

Supervisory Committee

Julia Conn-Espitia, Chair

Frank Branca

Donald Butler

Carlo Cestra

Carolyn Jungclas


DCU volunteers contribute their leadership, knowledge, ideas, and vision to the benefit of their fellow credit union members. In exchange, they receive practical leadership and team experience, education on financial institutions and management, networking opportunities, travel opportunities, and the satisfaction that comes from helping improve people's lives. Volunteers are essential for corporate governance and for DCU to fulfill its vision. We need and depend on them. They are a key element of what sets DCU apart from other financial institutions.

To decide if you want to volunteer your time and expertise to DCU and determine whether you meet the rigorous standards, there are things you'll want to know. Although these are volunteer positions of leadership, standards for serving are quite high - even higher than most publicly traded companies. The challenges of governing a growing and vibrant credit union require no less.

If you are considering volunteer opportunities at DCU, visit the pages on qualifications below. These are the criteria by which you will be considered for appointment or nomination.

Director Qualifications and Selection Criteria

Supervisory Committee Qualifications and Selection Criteria

If you would like more information about volunteer opportunities at DCU, please send an email to*.

*Please note that ordinary email is not secure. You should avoid including any sensitive personal or financial information. Contact DCU directly with specific questions concerning your account or membership.