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Direct Deposit Your Tax Refunds

Get your Federal and State refunds up to 3 weeks faster.

If you expect a refund when you file your federal taxes, the IRS makes it easy for you to directly deposit these funds into your DCU Checking or Savings account. You'll get your refund up to three weeks earlier than by mail. It's safer because the check can't be lost or stolen and it's easier because you won't need to make a trip to a DCU branch or mail us a deposit.

To direct deposit your refund, go to the Refund section of your tax return (Form 1040) and fill in the information as indicated below.

Direct Deposit to Checking

  1. Routing Number –   211391825
  2. Type:   Checking
  3. Account Number –   Enter your checking Cross Reference Number. This is the number
    in the bottom center of your DCU checks.

Direct Deposit to Savings

  1. Routing Number –   211391825
  2. Type: Savings 
  3. Account Number –   Enter your DCU Membership Number

Please note that deposits that arrive to DCU with incorrect or incomplete account information may be returned.

State Tax Return

Remember your state return, too. Many states allow direct electronic filing or direct deposit of state returns. The same information applies to your state return as well.

How to Split Your Direct Deposit

You can direct deposit a portion of your federal income tax refund in up to three accounts. It's easy! Using IRS Form 8888, just enter the routing number, account type, and account number for each account. You must also indicate the amount to be directed to each of the accounts.

You can make direct deposits of your refund not only to checking and savings accounts, but also to an individual retirement account (IRA), myRA®, health savings account (HSA), Coverdell education savings account (ESA), a Treasury Direct® online account, or an account with a brokerage firm or mutual fund. 

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