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Totten Account

Plan for the future with an account to that allows you to pass funds to a named beneficiary.

At a Glance

A Totten Account, also known as a "Pay on Death" Account, is an efficient way to bequeath funds in an account to someone when you die. The funds become the property of the beneficiary without going through probate.¹


Maintain full control - while alive, you, as the Trustee/Owner, have full use of funds.
Only the Trustee or Co-Trustee may transact - the beneficiary has no access to funds while either Trustee is living.
A DCU Savings or Checking Account - can be set up as a Totten Account.
Membership Eligibility Requirements - apply to Trustee.
Debit or ATM Card - can be issued in the Trustee or Co-Trustee's names only. (Upon Approval)
¹DCU cannot provide legal, tax, or estate planning advice. We suggest you discuss your particular situation with a tax consultant or advisor.  

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